Delicious products from Majorca

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Majorca offers a wide variety of gastronomic products: sobrasada, olives, figs, almonds, buñuelos, ensaimada …

Well, the island has a lot to offer also in gastronomy and the Protected Geographical Indications guarantee the quality of the product:

  • Sobrasada of Majorca. This mallorcan sausage is prepared with pork meat and flavored with paprika, salt and spices. After recessed, it is left to mature slowly with the know-how acquired over generations.
  • Ensaimada of Majorca. The traditional mallorcan dessert is also recognized as a Protected Geographical Indication. Etymologically, the name comes from the Arabic word “saïm”, which means lard, its essential ingredient.
  • Almond of Majorca. It is the third protected product and and it is consumed raw or toasted, both with skin as without it.

The Oil of Majorca, the cheese from Mahon and the Olive of Majorca are, for its part, Protected Designations of Origin, an indicative seal of the quality of the products.

  • The Majorcan oil is produced with olives of the Majorcan varieties “arbequina” and “picual”. From them you get the product in their versions of fruity, recollecting them early, or sweet, with a golden yellow color and with a slight piquant sensation.
  • The cheese of Mahon is elaborated with cow cheese and has a smooth crust of yellowish-brown color. Its maturation, following the customs of the island of Minorca, offers a very personal taste.
  • The Olive of Majorca, has the varieties green “Trencada” and natural black. The “Trencada” olives are seasoned with fennel and chili and the black olives with oil of Majorca.

We recommend that you visit this web page of the Govern de les Illes Balears in which you can find plenty of information on the quality products of Majorca, establishments with a seal of quality and even tourist routes related to the oil, the sobrasada…